Ginger Ice Cream ©Cucinell 2012

Forecast 8/8/12 Mercury stations direct at 1:40 am ET, which may jazz up a party for those who are still out.

If you need to get up at a certain hour, you may want to be in bed before then or conversations may compel you to forget the morning. Aquarians and Leos may feel the relief of the direct energy more than most (except of course for Geminis and Virgos, Mercury’s natural signs).

The moon enters Taurus at 3:28 am ET, encouraging a restful sleep in if possible. Since early morning has some conflict in communications, it may be a good idea to sleep through it, unless you have a journal habit and can work through some thoughts.

Arrange a meal for pleasure or business today, as long as it satisfies the senses as well.

When the moon is in Taurus, we are reminded of our earthly connection. We do best when we take our time to chew, smell the flowers and savor our surroundings. If we are not able to experience the joys of being human, it sets up a sense of frustration.

So give yourself some kind of tactile treat today and feel fully in your body. To say it differently, this is the first part of Rules for Being Human , made popular by the life coach, Cherie Carter- Scott: “You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around.”

I’ve always found my body and I get along so much better when I pay attention to what makes it feel good and respected… and that often has to do with being fed and rested when needed.