Forecast 11/8 When the moon is in Virgo, satisfaction comes from crossing things off your list.

Be alert for miscommunications, which may be acute in the morning, especially if children or transportation is involved. Considering the storm hitting us now in the NE, it won’t be a surprise if there’s confusion as to who goes to school/work and how. It is best not to push it.

This is an excellent day for research, detective work and diagnoses, especially when raking through old material or notes. An overall highly productive time for any work in progress.

Note: Usually my radio show is live on Fridays at noon ET, but tomorrow we’re pre-recording it. If you can join us, we’ll be talking astrology and post-election. You can listen live at 2 pm on 11/8 here and/or chat or call (661) 244-9814 to join in the discussion. Archived episodes are found here.

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