Michelle Robinson Obama is getting her taste of the “first lady wannabe hazing”, and she’s handling it like a Capricorn. Born 1/17/1964 in Chicago, time unknown, Michelle Robinson will steadily keep on with the climb, righting herself after any slips with her eye on the goal. I’m leaning towards an early birthtime for her, which would give her a Moon in Aquarius. But of course, more study of dates will be needed to try to come up with a viable time unless it surfaces in the media.

An Aquarian moon would be close to her Saturn (discipline) which supports the self-sufficient attitude she seems to exude.  An Aquarian moon indicates a person who analyzes emotions and has the ability to detach; if her moon were in Pisces, she would be harder to read. Both Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush have Pisces Moons (and Scorpio Suns!) yet for Mrs. Bush it has not been an issue. She speaks with compassion and some degree of guardedness. But she is not someone who puts herself out in roles that make the public distrust her agenda. She is primarily a wife, mother and homemaker and works within that identity to the satisfaction of the public.

Hillary always strode outside those roles, and her stride became wider when the opportunity of First Lady was hers. The elusive quality of her water Sun/Moon make people question who she really is.  A quote in February 2008 from Michelle in reference to Hillary as a possible VP to Obama on  Good Morning America: “I’d have to think about — policies, her approach, her tone.”

If Michelle’s moon is in Aquarius, it would connect with the US moon. Her ability to understand the people can be very keen. She seems to be quickly assessing and recalculating, much as a GPS figures out where to go when the route changes. As she reigns in her natural unbridled intelligence, she is now modeling herself after the more-measured Mrs. Bush. I don’t foresee it would be at the cost of her identity; she is simply steadying herself for the climb.

Her North Node (karmic destiny) is in Cancer which is on the US Sun. If her moon is in Aquarius it amplifies the potential of what she could do with the First Lady role, especially for children and America’s self-sustainability. More to come!

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