5/13/2010 If someone is particularly attached to something, there may be a blow-up if things don’t go as planned. The storm clouds will pass. Be sure to release any residual grievances (and encourage others to do so) because you don’t want to bring that into the evening’s promise.

The New Moon in Taurus is at 9:04 pm ET which invites you to begin a new cycle, especially in the realm of what you can actually taste and touch. We have long left the zooming excitement of Aries’ renewal into Spring (in spite of the NE chill).

Since this New Moon occurs at 23┬░ Taurus, we are now solidly in the season. You can accomplish much, so choose your activities wisely.

Rock Goddess ┬ęCucinell 2010

Taurus is highly creative, so you may want to freshen the home in some way- a new throw or some new paint. Plan whatever little adjustments you might make to have your home feel fresh and cozy.

If you went overboard with exercise when the Sun was in enthusiastic Aries, now is when you can modify programs to fit your lifestyle. If you enjoy ritual work, be sure to have a delicious supper and dress your altar with rich colors and fabrics. Even better is if you wear something that makes you feel elegant and prosperous.

The Taurus New Moon sets the mood to attract wealth, but only if you’re comfortable opening yourself up to it as a possibility.

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