America tends to vote like a dysfunctional family. We can’t help it. Our Sun is in Cancer, which bounces back to our Aquarian Moon and we are apt to vote unpredictably because of it. But Aquarians only seem to be unpredictable because they spend a lot of time planning what they’re going to do in their solitary way before it occurs. Saturn (structure, discipline) co-rules their sign with Uranus and as a result, election 2008 will have a great deal to do with Aquarian energy.

If you’ve read the story about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, this is classic Aquarian behavior. She kept it to herself, making her own counsel and it was a surprise by the time the public knew about it. Same with her other kids finding out their little brother had Down Syndrome. Aquarian upsets, but not to the Aquarian. The baby did come early, but my guess is his Libra moon is trine the Neptune in Aquarius…

My mother-in-law has a stellium in Aquarius. She worked a union job all her life, has seen her benefits disemboweled through airline bankruptcies, is a devout Catholic but also a feminist and always voted Democratic except for Eisenhower.

She is one of the rabid Hillary supporters that concerns Obama’s platform. Much to my husband’s horror, she had been threatening to vote for McCain. He was, after all a war hero and she felt Obama lacked experience. Nonetheless, it’s been the nomination of Sarah Palin that put her squarely back to the Democratic side. She is insulted by the choice, as though Palin was chosen simply to pander to women.

Because the election takes place with the Saturn/Uranus opposition, it seems to me Sarah Palin as an Aquarius is going to be the pivot that turns the vote. Will the more Saturnine Aquarian voters win or the Uranians? Or will it require the exquisite balance of both? I’m only getting warmed up on these thoughts: next musings, my mother!