This is a modification of a newsletter I sent out, since I had some more thoughts on the past full moon.

On July 25th, the full moon in Aquarius emphasized the tug between your need for self-expression and the longing for community while maintaining autonomy. How deeply you felt this, depends on if it triggered something within you.

Aquarians for instance, feel more conflicted than usual lately. The two planets that are linked to the sign of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn wants order, discipline and limits, with a good dose of fear to keep us on task. Since it’s in the sign of Libra, the theme of this framework is emphasized in relationships. So if you’re a Libra, you might feel like you’re more forceful than is your nature, but you can’t help yourself.

Uranus is the planet that symbolizes freedom, change and the unexpected. Yes, these two forces are at odds! This is even more so because they are 180° from one another from our perspective right now. This puts Uranus in Aries, giving an extra kick to the impulse to go your own way. An Aries has to move but you can’t simply bolt; there are commitments.

The full moon in Aquarius creates another opposition in the sky. This makes it a more emotionally combative time for many. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s highly important to express yourself as clearly as possible. You have to give both sides their say in order to work for compromise.

For example, I have a few planets, including the Sun in Aquarius. I am sorting through the contents of my parents’ home; packing up and giving away. This is a good thing, since they are going on to safer housing (Saturn).

Yet it is a disruptive change (Uranus) because it’s as though I’m moving. They are too old to do the physical work. Luckily, I have siblings to help. Once the process is over however, they will be gone from my immediate area. So this is an opportunity for communication, healing and closure.

If you’re born early in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn- we should talk, if we haven’t already. You are in a place of transition that’s a once in a lifetime occurrence.

There’s more in the symbolic picture, but that ‘ll give you enough to know that if you’re feeling a jolt, there’s a reason for it!

If that’s the case, the odds are good that somewhere in your horoscope, one of those planets is “knocking”. I do consider this magical energy, and very rich for creating new paradigms (which we sorely need).

If you’ve been committed to a goal, the full moon shines on where you are in its progress. Picture your individual expression active in groups. There is a strong emphasis on “making your luck” but you must be willing to create the conversation to launch it.

Enjoy lovely networking over the next couple of days and keep your heart open for the opportunities that come through connecting with people.

Be sure to prioritize signing contracts and finalizing important dates or appointments in the next few weeks before the late August Mercury Retrograde.