snowbranchesForecast 2/9 So many choices of what to do! Make decisions in the early morning and your day clicks with precision; otherwise you’ll find yourself modifying in midstream and perhaps chucking out something you really wanted to make happen.

Once again, think in terms of discarding something on your to-do list that may nag at you over the next few weeks instead of add to productivity. This means do it now and cross it off or shelve it for a later time.

It’s best to enter the New Moon cycle tomorrow with a sense of possibility, not “I really should do this, but I probably won’t”. Let your mind bubble with juicy possibilities of what can be accomplished over the next several weeks.

We are stepping into the Aquarius New Moon cycle, which encourages innovation, community and humanitarian ideals. After a productive day, enjoy an evening with friends and/or network to meet new ones.

Note- this begins the “shadow” of upcoming Mercury retrograde on 2/23, so get your electronics, contracts, etc in order because you’d like to avoid any confusion at that time.

If  you’re thinking of joining my New Moon Gathering or Year of the Snake workshop, please call/email me because it’s looking like a snow date is necessary- February 10. Click here for more information….Stay warm!

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