parenttrapI had nothing but good feelings for Natasha Richardson. She was beautiful with an elfin gleam that hinted at her sense of humor. Since I’m the mother of a tween,  The Parent Trap is a beloved film that always got popped in whenever my daughter wanted to watch something comforting and funny. Now however, the comfort and humor will have an edge to it, as we remember how fragile and ephemeral relationships are.

The birthtime from Richardson’s biography is 5 pm on 5/11/1963, which puts Cancer on her midheaven (career point) coupled with the North Node (karmic destiny). So even though she had a stellar  history of serious acting, the role she is most known for in the general populace is that of a mother.

And as a real-life mother and wife, she had been married to Liam Neeson for 15 years and lived a low-key lifestyle in a quiet community outside NY. She was a Taurus, which kept her steady in spite of a glittering thespian background. Taurus in a horoscope also gives a person an ability to endure physical ills that most people can’t, which may indicate why she did not immediately react during her head trauma.

Sometimes it’s no fun to be an astrologer. Richardson had transiting Uranus (upset, sudden occurrences) in hard aspect to her moon at the time of the accident. Uranus has been in opposition to Saturn (structure, limits) which symbolizes the tension between (among other things) fear and the desire for freedom. It was not an auspicious time for her, obviously.

But it was Liam Neeson’s horoscope that was even more unsettling. Both he and Richardson had the moon in Sagittarius, which is a lovely connection. People with the same moon sign feel at home with one another. How they like to cook or deal with the toothpaste top, is right in synch. But it also means, emotionally he was going through the same transit, which magnified it.

His Sun is in Gemini. Saturn was in exact square to it, diminishing his light, his sense of self. These are simply a few of the hard transits for this couple; there are more. Hard doesn’t always mean insurmountable, but in this case she could not recover. At the time I am revising this post, we know Natasha Richardson is dead.

I cannot look at a composite chart for them, because I do not know Neeson’s exact time of birth. But I do know the public feels nothing but good will towards this lovely lady’s passing and sadness for her family. I will be sending her family my prayers, blessings and light and I invite you all to do the same.