I have been MIA for almost a month on this blog, and that is not the way to maintain one. I’ve decided to write more personally and less from a research perspective (although that will surface). I want to talk about symbols as I see them in daily life. I’ve been awash in my personal Neptune transit and at the mercy of what drifted in, with no day as I planned it. The best days have been ones in which I could swim, allowing motion in water to guide me into a movement meditation.

In astrology, Neptune symbols crop up in liquids, submersions and sacrifices, to name a few. I realized when I picked up the NY Times today that whale oil’s demise as a major industry occurred when Neptune was discovered. NY Times Whale Oil

It only took seconds to remember that Neptune was in Aquarius at the time of its discovery, just as it is now. So not only are we having a return to Aquarius (for the first time since) but a return to when it was initially discovered.

The article points out that Edison considered solar energy and Thoreau championed wind as great resources at that point in time. I suspect the return is giving us an opportunity to reevaluate decisions made then in favor of fossil fuels. Harnessing energy does seem to be a Neptunian concept to me, since he was the god of horses. With Neptune in Aquarius, it does seem time to work cooperatively with the powers of the other “gods”, solar through Apollo and winds through Jupiter. Relying too heavily on one resource will no longer work with so many people populating the earth.

When Neptune went into Pisces, the United States petroleum industry was born. Breaking into the earth like Neptune’s trident, the black gold poured forth. Maybe this time wind and solar will need to work with the god of the sea’s realm as well, perhaps through ocean turbines

Oh yes, and about my Neptune transit? It has been in hard aspect to my Mars (driving energy), so I’m feeling a bit “at sea” with where I’m going, although I do keep going. I am most peaceful in water, staring at waterfalls or playing with watercolors. But my mind wants to go where it will and once it’s somewhere with a clear direction, I find I can head towards it with no trouble and with amazing clarity.

So if you’re undergoing a Neptune transit, I recommend going to a body of water, even if it’s your bathtub.