Neptune collage ©Cucinell

Today does not have yesterday’s flow, but you can still get things done. Temper any anger, especially in the morning, so that you are able to express yourself without uncomfortable consequences.

Neptune enters Pisces, where it will stay through 2026, so we are diving into the spiritual evolution, whether we’re ready or not!

Notice the news, especially about anything concern water, oil, healthcare or religious concerns; these themes will be constant for quite some time. Confusion does not have to be the MO, even though you may feel a bit emotionally short-changed.

Express your needs in a cogent fashion and you will get results. You needn’t feel awash with Neptune transits or its energy. With Neptune in Pisces, you have an opportunity to embrace your creativity and spirituality.

For some of us, this is what we’ve been waiting for; for others it demands a sturdy vessel to hold an unstoppable force. Alcohol and drugs may hit you harder than in the past, especially if you’ve a lot of water signs in your horoscope: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. If you don’t already meditate or have a religious or spiritual practice, you may feel the pull like a riptide urging you to explore this.

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