IMG_2742November Action: Pay attention to what surfaces the beginning of the month, around Samhain/Halloween/November 1; events in the news may have long-term effects. As an individual, you may personally have something very big happening, but nothing feels totally in your control.

We experience yet another pass of the Uranus/Pluto square, which will rock us through spring 2015.

This picture is coupled with Saturn and the North Node still in Scorpio, deepening our responsibility in certain relationships. These are karmic, which means choice is not an option. Although you have the free will to decide what you do in the relationship, the wriggle room may be minimal.

You know which relationships are involved if you sense a history. This may be from past lives or one from your present lifetime, or both. It demands some kind of reckoning. This can be subtle or intense, but it cannot be ignored.

The second autumn eclipse occurs with the Scorpio New Moon on November 3 at 7:50 am ET. More about this to come on the daily blog.

Mercury went retrograde on October 21 and goes direct on November 10.

Far more impactful is the Jupiter Retrograde which begins on 11/7. Jupiter Retrograde  goes through early March 2014 during which time it is not advisable to start a new venture, depending what it is. Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes good fortune, luck and expansion.

Depending on the project or business, to launch when Jupiter retrograde shows inhibition in moving forward with opportunity. Yet it’s a great time to gather and integrate knowledge.

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My New Moon Gathering at Wainwright House happens on November 2.

What are your November plans?

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