In Denver at UAC a “discovered” birth time of 7:11 pm was announced for Barack Obama by Joni Patry. This new time has yet to be verified, but in the excitement of the conference a lot of attention has been given to it. I still will concentrate on the 1:06 pm time from Obama’s memory until a birth certificate reference surfaces. Nonetheless I shall refer to this new chart now and again. For my prior thoughts on Obama’s horoscope

Regardless of the correct time, Obama’s horoscope suggests the illusive paternal role model. This is seen in the Sun square Neptune. Obama has said the Reverend Wright has been like a family member to him. His recent announcement that he is leaving his church casts him away from his spiritual anchor. If the chart with the Patry time is accurate, this gives him Aquarius rising. Since Uranus is conjunct his North Node, he would be very much identified with the “rebellious son”. But cleaving from Reverend Wright and his church does not smack of rebellion, it seems more about sadness.

Any PM time for his birth gives him the moon in Gemini, which is challenged by a transit from Saturn. When Saturn transits the moon, a person experiences a sense of not having his needs met. He can feel very limited (and no doubt, this guy is living in a fish bowl).

It’s interesting how a vociferous public seems to have forced Obama and his family to cleave from his church. He alone knows if this decision has been his own out of growth or one he has felt compelled to make. What is essential during a Saturn/Moon transit is to integrate the “father archetype”. In other words, he must be his own man. This certainly is necessary if he is going to be the next president of the US; we don’t want more of the same.

Nonetheless, some may question the strength of a man who changes his spiritual loyalty at the brink of a nomination. Because in spite of all the brouhaha, we know many Republican leaders have been happy to side with zealous ministers. Obama has been called “untested”, but the Saturn screws are tightening.

I would also guess with a Moon/Pluto square possible in his horoscope, he is no stranger to emotional power plays. Although his past allegiance pulls, it looks like he’s made a decision to separate from voices that may not speak with the temperance of his own. I hope he sets aside time for prayer and reflection to find his way to the spiritual refreshment his soul needs, because he cannot afford to be conflicted about his decision. Any Gemini moon reading this knows the cost of a decision only half-made.