I’m starting to look at the electional chart of Obama’s nomination: 4:47pm, Denver 8/27/08. Jupiter is rising, which is a strong signature of his “hope” campaign. Although retrograde, it trines steady Saturn and Vesta in earth signs. The moon (public) is in Cancer making it’s final aspect to Mercury in Virgo (conjunct Venus). Although the man has won the nomination, there is no question that women, healthcare and education will mandate the final outcome of the election. The nomination has been made with lots of support in these areas as shown by this chart, but there are other indications of concern.

Pluto/Venus is a theme for Obama with this election. Transiting Pluto will come to his natal Venus early next year, signifying dark forces that will be beyond his control. This isn’t necessarily a doom forecast, but certainly indicates his relationship to his wife, women and a wrestle with his values. The more conscious he is during this process, the better for him (and if he’s elected) the nation. Nonetheless, there will be situations beyond his control. This could indicate he wins: OMG! Michelle under a microscope and now he sees the real deal of the country’s finances, etc once he’s in.

Or it could indicate he loses and hits a darkness of confidence. The Venus/Pluto theme is repeated in the nomination chart, with a different configuration. Venus is in the 8th, applying square to Pluto in the 12th. I keep wondering if there’s a lady from his past the Republican press might find to try to upset Obama. Or a seemingly shady financial dealing.

I don’t know that it would be enough to blow the election for Obama, but I do know he has very powerful enemies who are intent on undermining him. It’s true I don’t need astrology to tell me this. However, this electional offers the indication that he will have support if he remains able to effectively communicate his sincere feelings.