Good news for business is that Jupiter retrograde ends this month. If you’ve felt a bit thwarted since June, you will start to see more forward movement happening after the 13th.

Although ventures may be somewhat stilted until the beginning of 2010, the overall hesitancy to progress starts to abate. Saturn enters Libra at the end of the month. Integrity in relationships is a must or the house of cards will fall. jupiterandio

Thursday 10/1 This is a good morning to draft out your goals or prepare correspondence from the heart. It’s best not to mail or show it until next week (or possibly once the New Moon has kicked in on 10/19); it all depends on content and purpose.

As the day progresses you may feel less effective than you had in the morning This Pisces Moon is perfect for creative doodling with no deadlines. Try to avoid having to perform today or you may set yourself up for dashed expectations. Some days it is better to be internal than pushing ahead.