Is Oprah going to invite Sarah Palin on her show? Months ago I speculated what would come of the square from transiting Saturn on Oprah’s natal moon in Sagittarius.  At the time I imagined her feeling a bit constricted verbally and perhaps down. I looked at her chart as a weathervane for Obama’s candidacy, because at the time we did not have a verifiable birth time for him. Now I can see this is manifesting in the Sarah Palin issue.

The moon represents among other things, how you feel and your relationship with women. Oprah’s moon in Sagittarius in opposition to Jupiter in the 10th (career) emphasizes her huge connection to women. With Saturn (limits, fears) activating this picture, she is feeling pressure to define her allegiance. The questions fly, is she more dedicated to Obama or with her audience who wants to see more of Palin?

She had cast her hat in with Obama when Saturn transited her 12th (unconscious), not traditionally a good time to begin something new. Since she’s a brand, this decision can also effect her business. And now Sarah Palin comes on the scene with her Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (transformation) sitting right on Oprah’s ascendant (rising sign = brand). Ouch!

The irony is, these two women have A LOT of astrological connections, but Palin is even more Aquarian than Oprah. That means she feels more like an alien than Oprah does. She may speak in broad strokes about being a mother, but the way she mothers is not going to be like anyone else on the block. It’s fascinating to read and hear how many women say they identify with her, as the Neptune transit obfuscates who she really is.

Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn engages Oprah’s Mercury (communication). So even if they don’t sit on the couch together, these two women are in dialogue. With Neptune floating over Palin’s Aquarian planets and Oprah’s Mercury, it is unlikely they’ll get clear reception.

Nonetheless, Sarah Palin has two strong yang planets linked with her Sun and she’ll be damned if anybody is going to tell her what to do. If she wants to get on Oprah, (and I think she does) she’s going to encourage the spinmeisters to make it happen.

Palin’s Chiron is on Oprah’s descendant. My bet is if Oprah interviewed her she might end up crying. But I wouldn’t expect her tears would be viewed as Hillary’s were. With Neptune transiting the U.S. Moon and Palin’s Sun, you won’t see the Republican VP candidate clearly until after the election.

Oprah can decide to invite Palin on and limit her credibility to those who expect her to keep her word. Or she can avoid the invitation, causing friction with her base. Either way, somebody’s going feel a lack. That’s Saturn’s way.