What do these people have in common other than their present links in the news? Quite a bit astrologically. Paris Hilton may have looked like cotton candy to Senator McCain, but her quick video response has now made him uncomfortably aware of her inherent intelligence (which in fairness, it would sometimes seem Paris herself is blind to). Paris for President

Paris Hilton’s Mars (how we assert ourselves) is in Pisces (enhancing her glamour). Although Mars in Pisces may not at first seem aggressive, hers is in direct opposition to his Virgo Sun. Watching Paris for President, the “flyboy” must wince every time she refers to the “old man” in this short. Her Venus in Aquarius is inconjunct his Neptune/Venus in Virgo and he seriously underestimated her reaction to his reference. His Mars in Leo is conjunct her Moon/North Node, which will always trigger an emotional response when attacked. Senator McCain, if you want to stay in the race, follow Reagan and get yourself an astrologer!

But Hilton does not come across angry in the tape; still she uses it for her own agenda, self-promotion and no mistake, promoting Obama.

Her reasons for indirectly promoting Obama, by trumping the absurdity of McCain’s statement are certainly obtuse. Hilton could potentially be a powerful figure of great influence in a positive way,  if she can break free from the compulsions of her privileged upbringing. But that’s another article. Right now I’m looking at her connections to Obama’s chart, her Leo Moon/Node conjunct his Sun. This silly little video blasts McCain and as a result supports his opponent.

Paris is burning hot, but in a cool, detached, madly Aquarian way. Ouch! Take that… you old man McCain!

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