The Cancer New Moon is a total solar eclipse which will be seen according to NASA: path of the Moon’s umbral shadow crosses the South Pacific Ocean where it makes no landfall except for Mangaia (Cook Islands) and Easter Island (Isla de Pascua). So unless you’re having a particularly exotic journey, this eclipse is internal exclusively- not visual. Because the moon is in the sign of Cancer, it carries with it the residue of the emotional churning of hitting the Uranus/Pluto/Saturn T square.

This is not as head-banging as the last eclipse. Yet we are being asked to re-integrate the Great Mother to her rightful place.

19° Cancer 24″ is the exact position of the eclipse at 3:40 pm ET. The Sabian symbol declares: “During the celebration of some fete the canals of Venice are crowded ; in a gondola are serenaders merry- making”.

My interpretation of this at this point in time is a merger of the community with the individual consciousness. It is a process. Think about the pieces of your family, home life that you need to integrate more successfully with you individual expression. And yes, it is a process.