My family was really looking forward to the Percy Jackson movie: The Lightning Thief. For you who may not know, these books by Rick Riordan are brilliant depictions of the Greek Gods in modern life. Seen through the eyes of some middle-schoolers, Riordan’s books are clever, funny and teach mythology.

My daughter was furious initially that 12 year old Percy was now 17 in the film, but since he was played by Logan Lerman, she coped. Of course, the movie is very exciting and entertaining… but the best part is, it will send children off to read the books.

What’s hard for this astrologer to take is “bad mythology”… and it was my daughter who piped up on the way home: “Persephone with Hades during the Summer Solstice??? What’s that about?”

Demeter would be in mourning and all crops would die… in the actual book, she does not appear in the first one because Riordan of course knows this….the kids who read the books will get the “facts”…. but Rosario Dawson is thoroughly entertaining as Persephone, regardless of the veracity of her story and it’s easy to see why the filmmakers wanted to include her.