IMG_1422Forecast 4/16 With the moon in Cancer, these days we encounter the emotional “mine-field” of the outer planets.

This means that you or someone around you may react unfavorable to events, especially in the later part of the day. You cannot necessarily insulate yourself from this occurrence, but you can be aware of this tendency.

Therefor it is best to put yourself in situations where you receive emotional support and/or you pay attention to your feelings and how they may dictate decisions.

That being said, the early part of the day cooks with creativity and productivity. You can accomplish a great deal, in spite of warring factions.

This may assert itself in someone who has authority over your situation, or it could be your own desire for perfection. If you find yourself in a power struggle, perspective is the antidote; you may need to step away or gain insight from a trusted source. If you can weather this period, you definitely benefit.

The end result may look different than originally anticipated, but if you are part of the process, you accept it with grace.

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