We have been in the “shadow” of the Mars retrograde since mid-October. Many people are familiar with “Mercury retrograde”, even the NY Times has given occasional press to the phenomenon. But Mars only appears to run backwards in its orbit every 2.5 years from our perspective, so it does not have the “stickiness” of Mercury’s upsets. But less is more, and when the planet that symbolizes “action, desire and the libido” goes retrograde, its impact is unmistakable.


If you have strong Aries or Scorpio signatures in your horoscope, you’ve probably been sensing something is up. When it goes retrograde on December 20 through March 10, it will be in the sign of Leo, dimming the lights on that dynamic energy.

Leos, Scorpios, Aquarians and Taurians may slow down their usual pace, as they become more retrospective and second-guess their focus. When Mars is retrograde, there is a tendency to diminish or pull back on innate drive. This can be a very helpful period for some and highly frustrating for others.

Try to get projects started before the retrograde. Once it is activated, it is best to accept setbacks gracefully and as an opportunity to rework concepts or shelve them for awhile. It stations on December 20, a potentially volatile time. Fortunately there are positive pictures (with the challenges) reflected in that horoscope and for the Winter Solstice, which happens the next day.

Nonetheless, it would be lovely if you could give some thought and prayer to a peaceful world, because whatever you think magnifies. If you forget, just do it when you remember. Remembering this is good for you and good for the planet.