8/9/2010 With the New Moon in Leo creativity is crackling, but you may encounter resistance in how big you can dream.

If this is the case, remind yourself that it’s not important to know the details of how the dream unfolds. It is essential to believe in your promise. Try to capture the seed of the dream when you first awake- even better, keep a pad by your bed to jot down any dreamscape clues.

If you know your horoscope, wherever Leo resides points to the area of life where you’d like to awaken an inspired vision. This often works best with a playful attitude, so if you’re feeling bogged down by the “how” or lack of visible finances, give yourself a break.

Go dancing, even if it’s just in your living room. Get outside and capture some fireflies or light some candles. Search the heavens for the stars and look for shooting stars; don’t be reserved in searching for hope.

The New Moon is exact at 11:09 pm ET at 17┬░Leo 25″.