Friday 9/11 Pluto goes direct today, finally making its last pass through 0 degrees cardinal in Capricorn. This means it will be moving off the earth axis, symbolically. Remember your basic geography and the Tropic of Capricorn, the imaginary line around the earth? Going directly from the line straight out in space is where Pluto now floats.

As a result, this is a particularly profound transit of the Shadow planet, which you see in the financial, corporate and physical turmoil around you. As it goes direct, we are beginning another period of things coming to the surface.

If you’ve been holding back on a financial or business action, you may start to gain greater awareness in how to move ahead in the next few months. But for today, you may notice shifts of power in the news.

I don’t think it’s an accident that Pluto is at this dynamic degree on September 11. For those who lost people in the attacks, for those who lost faith, innocence or optimism and for all of us, there are messages from spirit in the wind today. Pay attention to what you see and hear, think and feel. Be present.

Even if this is a day of mourning for you or you feel fear, please remember this is a lovely day to connect to people you like. Pluto transits always demand we let go to shapeshift into something else. And this Pluto transit is for the whole planet.

The evening can be magical if you enjoy yourself, especially with someone you love.

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