I was reading Dr. Susan’s Blog about our planet’s crisis with food, and she referenced the goddess Kali, as well as how encouraged she was after spending an environmental summit with 11,000 college students.

Our food crisis can seem insurmountable: we no longer get natural nutrients from earth and soil and organic crops are being compromised and possibly threatened to extinction by genetically-engineered crops (some of which are designed not to produce seeds). She also points out- what will we eat if the oil shortage creates an inability to produce and ship food, since so few areas grow locally anymore?

Kali the destroyer is a perfect icon for the Pluto in Scorpio gen coming of age. The oldest born are now 25, the youngest 13 (and any parent knows that’s the age when the need to individuate comes out with a vengeance).

It is no accident that these young people are the ones who will be the force that turns the wheel of life as we have lived it. As a generation, they are less afraid of death, than of living a life without passion.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation isn’t afraid that the earth may be dying or global warming is a reality. They are transformers. Maybe not all of them will be active shapeshifters, if you’re thinking skeptically about the teenager nodding out on the couch in your home. But as a generation and a force, they are starting to come towards center-stage and they will be ready to create real change.