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forecast 10/14 After yesterday’s quiet, today may seem a whirlwind.

It is the day before the new moon, which usually encourages completing projects you don’t want to carry into the next lunar cycle as well as contemplating what you’d like to initiate anew.

However, the Libra Moon stimulates conversations and contemplation to suggest this might be a very charged day for socializing and action. If you want to get something done, today is the day to finish it or pass it into another’s hands.

Compromise and negotiations go well especially if this is not new dialogue. Make time for music, dance or the arts because the senses are heightened to take in and transcend.

My New Moon Gathering is held at Opal Moon this evening…. please join me if you’re in the area to prepare for a new cycle of growth and potential, especially in relationships. For more details go to opalmoon.net and to reserve space, call 914-788-4955.

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