Mercury bit me yesterday and my forecast did not run as it should. If ever you get a hiccup from my daily mail, please go to directly. Usually I’ve caught the error by morning and posted the correct advice. I always appreciate my regular readers who give me a gentle nudge when the dailies are not what they should be. Thank you, all of you for reading.

As for 12/7: Focus can be very good today especially if you need to follow-through on an existing project. You may encounter a great deal of good-will and when the situation allows it, even overtures of romance.

The lasting quality of a personal relationship has everything to do with its history. In other words, you can enjoy fleeting encounters with pleasant strangers or deepen an existing relationship.

But if you embark on a romance or business agreement with someone new, it may very well evaporate. If that’s the case, you might wait a couple of days when more information aids your decision… or if you’re game, just have fun for however long it lasts!

Enjoy a leisurely dinner in comfortable surroundings; there’s only so much you can do today anyway.  It doesn’t matter if this is in a well-appointed restaurant, a neighborhood haunt or your own home.

Taking time to savor life’s pleasures is one of life’s greatest rewards no matter how simple. What is essential is that the experience satisfies the senses.

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