11/18/2010 This is a powerhouse day, especially for artists and visionaries. Actually, there’s a piece of creativity and faith in all of us, and today the mood is right to ignite even the smallest spark. Both Venus and Jupiter go direct today.

Kindness is the motivator. If you are pushed or encouraged to take action in any way that does not act with compassion, you may have to step away. An opportunity that is not consistent with your values is not an opportunity but a seduction sure to backfire.

Mt. Lakes ©Cucinell 2010

Giving yourself time to get some space if a situation feels too claustrophobic can make a BIG difference in how you cope with those around you.

Think about where you want to put your love, money and faith. Then take a step forward in that direction, no matter how small. You don’t necessarily want to begin the project today, but acknowledge your need to take action. Expect some bumps as you adjust and come to terms with situations around you, but it’s good to begin somewhere.