What can you expect from a personal session with Pamela?
• An outline of where you are and where you’re going (and where you’ve been when it has relevance to the present or future)
Spot-on insight that is reliably applicable to your situation
Your mind to open to possibilities; and your heart to open to deeper self-love and understanding
Your questions answered directly when possible and your options defined when you must make a choice
Compassion, humor and revelatory information

Information on Services/Pricing

“Pamela’s forecasts are remarkable and life-changing. In October of 2007 she told me I would expand my professional life by adding workshops to my repertoire of services.

I said, ‘I am too shy.’

Since then I have done 4 workshops and a group series!

Her guidance and wisdom are always “right on”. I am grateful to her for enriching my life with new insight into who I am and what I am meant to do.”

Melinda Martin, LCSW, Rye, NY

“Pam is a valuable resource when it comes to growing my business.

I know through my work with her that astrology can be a very useful tool for understanding trends. She helps me to stay on the right path.

She has helped me to better understand myself and my family through astrology. Because of this, my daughters have gained perspective as they navigate adolescence.
I knew them as unique individuals, but now I know more effective ways to approach each one.”

Susan Rubin, DMD, HHC, Chappaqua, NY

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