Homage to Monet ©Cucinell 2012

The work opens with Saturn turning station direct at 4:01 am ET in the morning.

You may feel especially energized and able to tackle responsibilities or commitments that had been shelved. Job offers may start to come your way, if this is in your radar.

With this shift, we are in a cycle of “stepping up to the plate”, but don’t expect a fast home-run. Saturn direct is about fulfilling what’s expected and going for the long-haul.

Even if this isn’t about a job, this signals Saturn’s last pass in Libra. Over the next several months, you may be presented one last time with a relationship that requires something of you. Or that you require from the other partner. This is the cycle that’s about seeing where you can work together and where perhaps, you should part.

If relationships (romantic, friendship, business) have been an issue for you the past few years, this is your chance to restructure or move away from whatever you may not have yet addressed. You don’t have to do it all today, but start thinking about it.

Mercury enters Leo
for a few weeks increase of playful banter on the rise, flirting and yes, puns!

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