You may be feeling as though your needs are not getting met, especially is you’re a Capricorn or Cancer. Take this opportunity to express your desires, especially if there’s someone important to you in the picture.

There is a Venus/Mars picture in Libra in the sky, so air and fire signs may be stoking in the relationship arena. Regardless of your sign, this is still an auspicious time to merge affection with desire. For some it will be a learning curve.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

On the other hand, Venus/Mars also bodes well for aligning what you value with where you put action, so you may choose to work it for financial goals rather than love. Lucky the few who make it happen in both areas of life.

You decide where to put your efforts and how thin you can spread it. Keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde at 3:59 pm ET so make sure you hear and communicate in conversations accurately if they’re important to you.

In spite of this, it looks like a great evening for conversation, just don’t sign any contracts or close any deals… for the next few weeks, if possible.