9/3 Labor Day is the end of vacation time in the U.S., but energetically, it may feel anything but restful.

An Aries Moon throughout the day may stir up a great deal of desire; people want to do what they want to do- especially fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

A Venus/Saturn picture can trigger a sense of lack or an inability to move forward. This is in direct contrast to the fiery mandate, so it may signal conflict either within an individual or in relationship.

Although this is not a good day to begin a project or even to compromise, a Mars/Pluto picture suggests that the best resolution occurs when a clear road is found somewhere.

This can be as simple as providing yourself with a good physical workout or with some problem-solving exercises. Don’t look for a final outcome today and you won’t be disappointed, but you can eliminate possibilities that help in future decisions.

If you’re coming home from a holiday weekend, leave early to avoid hotheads on the road.

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