There are a few ways retrograde planets seems to effect us. One is globally and the other personally. How acutely you feel the retrograde action has to do with the position of your personal planets.

Although this may feel like an inauspicious time to launch new projects, most people can’t tread water for months on end. Look at what you might initiate that has to do with a revisit, renew a connection or refresh an idea.

If you’re starting something brand new, you’re best advised to wait until January 15 has passed to sign anything. I will write more about that date soon, because it’s a powerhouse time which can jump-start a lot of action (although Mars is still retrograde, so it may seem to jerk along a bit, especially if it’s a large project).

If you’ve any questions, concerns about the retrogrades or want to share what’s going on in your life with communication, siblings, moving forward, your car, etc…. I would love to hear from you… Looking forward good blog dialogs in 2010… Happy New Year!