The VOC Pisces moon breaks at 7:16 am ET when the moon enters Aries and changes the emotional channel.

Earlier Mars also enters Aries (at 12:01 am), so you may leap out of bed with renewed fervor: time to exercise! Time to drive! Time to run!

If you’re feeling it’s time to get angry, then channel that in an appropriate direction, not in a way that explodes. Definitely take a walk or run if you’re feeling frustrated or rage.
Then again, the symbolism may also indicate a rise in amorous expression which can create a lovely morning with the right company.

This is the day before the New Moon, so anything that comes up is either on its way out or demands a reevaluation. Confront any feelings that can steer you in the direction of more effective action.

A Venus/Pluto picture can instigate powerful needs for relating and/or acquisition. Use your brain as well as your instinct to clarify the “why” behind the “must”.

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