Yes, I’m one of the millions of people who felt like she lost a friend when Steve Jobs died. And like several of my friends, he was someone who challenged me while opening my inherent creativity. No doubt he was the mystic genius that suits a Pisces, but like many people born with that sign, he had glints of Aries flashing through those depths.

The signs right next to one another on the zodiacal wheel are the most disparate. Pisces is the end of the cycle, symbolizing the dreamer, the artist or the one who finds an escape hatch. Pisces was the humanitarian side of Jobs, the man who quoted the Whole Earth Catalog (“Stay hungry; stay foolish“)and who truly set out to break down barriers. But the Pisces can also be distant, like catching mist. Aries is the warrior, the pioneer and the individual who tore from his original Apple and kept his own counsel. His is motivation in authorizing a biography on his deathbed was that he wanted his children to know him.

Compliments of Solar Fire

Steve Jobs was a very brave man, not just because he forged an amazing company, which he left to go on and resuscitate Pixar only to come back to Apple.

His bravery is emphasized in his willingness to meet his destiny, which at times must have caused him heartache. This is shown in the placement of his Capricorn North Node (the point that indicates what we came here to do… not necessarily what we end up doing).

The North Node is one of the points I look at with Karmic Destiny Coaching, but there’s no doubt, Jobs walked his path. Oftentimes the hardest part is to make the choice to meet that call, because it is new terrain for the Soul. In Jobs case, he had a great deal of support encouraging him on the way, with economic success (indicated by Venus sextile Saturn and trine Jupiter). Yet the tug in his decisions must always have been the cost to his family life (indicated by the challenged Moon/Saturn/Pluto).

As often seen in death, the position of Jupiter (the great benefic) in the sky now, has strong symbolic ties to Jobs birth horoscope. It is moving through his 8th house (death/birth/transitions) and approaching his progressed 7th house cusp (significant others). Certainly his loved ones mourn his loss, but the release of someone with such a painful illness is also a blessing. I have no doubt, he left with joy and peace.

At his passing, Pluto (transformation/endings) had passed this nodal point, but it was approaching his Moon in Aries (his emotional body). I believe the book that’s about to be published is his last and perhaps biggest message and gift. It’s conception was motivated by love, and with Ego suspended.

Steve Jobs said it himself: “.. almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

As indicated by the nodal axis, he made choices to cleave from the warmth and insular comfort of family to strive for his own measure of success. But he made peace with this along the way, forging a relationship with his biological sister as an adult and I am sure, leaving behind in this greatly anticipated book, the story of his life, work and love.

Rest in Peace, and with gratitude, Steve… your work is done but you are missed.

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