1/7/2011 Venus enters Sagittarius, beginning a cycle of more spontaneous, enthusiastic and demonstrative overtures of love. If you’re naturally a risk-taking lover, expect to be “on”.

If this is not your proclivity, you may feel a leaning in that direction or you may think everyone around you is being excessive. Exercise caution especially if gambling interests you, because Venus’ influence may be seductive but not necessarily wise.

The Moon is VOC from 3:51 pm to 9:57 pm ET. Then it enters Pisces for a dreamy evening.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course: Avoid signing contracts, investing in a big purchase or beginning new projects or important conversations. Perfect time for clearing away clutter, finishing up loose ends, meditating or following serendipity. The “mood” of the period will be colored by the sign it is in… in Aquarius you are apt to get caught up in a discussion or a cause which has no resolution. This is an excellent time to visit with friends or bounce around ideas, for pure recreation. If you’re trying to solve a problem, you can connect the dots much more effectively once the moon enters Pisces.