Forcast 9/10 If you’re awake between 2 and 3:30 a.m. ET, you may encounter
tensions or inner demons; it is certainly best not to be in transit if possible.

The volatility that occurs energetically can propel you into a state of change or you can hit a wall. The mood does shift so it’s important not to be locked into the moment. When accidents occur, we either identify completely with that energetic moment or our lesson from it needs to be irrefutable.

That’s why if we’re conscious of what’s happening, we have the ability to sidestep or dance with it, rather than getting derailed by it.

For those who are sleeping at this time, your dreams may be restless or significant. In the morning, you may feel a mandate to get your message across.

Make certain you’re clear on the essence of the message as opposed to your emotional attachment to it so it can be delivered with compelling conviction.

Tremendous passion can be channeled effectively in the afternoon. The winners are those who are sure of their direction.

If this is not your feeling, then some rigorous exercise, creative collage or culinary challenge can bring a sense of satisfaction and release. Plan an evening at home, in a garden or by water to restore your equilibrium.