12/5 The New Moon in Sagittarius invites the reach for new horizons. What is it you’d like to add to your life to expand the mundane? You may need to build your confidence, optimism or sell an idea or product. You may want to find a religious community, or reorient yourself to one. Because Uranus goes direct today, it’s important that the goal of the New Moon be truly aligned with your individuality. Don’t force yourself into an exercise program that doesn’t suit you.

The exact time of the New Moon is 12:36 pm ET. It is powerful to make a ritual of this time, either through prayer, focus with an altar or in meditation. A walking meditation in nature is a fabulous way to awaken your Sagittarian spark of risk-taking and possibilities. Yes, there is a part of every sign in you; it’s simply a matter of which muscle you exercise the most.
The Sabian Symbol for this moon is “The Pyramids and the Sphinx”, which is not the usual profile when thinking of the robust, immoderate, devil-may-care Sagittarian spirit. Yet, in order to create these monuments that have lasted for thousands of years, one had to have had a big dream. The concrete formulation of the dream within the mind and then onto paper is what can bring it to fruition.

This is a powerful day for self-expression and deep listening when you understand communication is a two-way street. If you need some time for you, you might want to get some writing done. Writing goals down at New Moons is always strong medicine. If this is not your usual inclination, give it a try this time.

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