I was captivated by this blog on Alaska’s politics and the Sarah Palin rally from Alaskans unhappy with her VP nomination. Then I figured it was time to look at Alaska’s horoscope (courtesy Marc Penfield: 1/3/1959, Juneau 9:01 am)

Sarah Palin’s Neptune is on Alaska’s midheaven (status). Neptune among other things represents oil (drill, baby, drill). Looking at the Alaska chart however, shows the Moon (the public) teetering at 29 Libra towards Neptune in Scorpio, so one could argue that Palin is simply emphasizing what the people want.

Neptune in Alaska’s chart would also symbolize its native people, the Yup’ik and other tribes. Apparently, Palin has a record of wanting to eradicate native subsistence fishing and hunting. Much has been made by the Republican party about Palin’s awareness of foreign affairs because of Alaska’s proximity to Russia.

However, within Alaska are native tribes recognized to have sovereign authority by state and federal courts. Palin has a history of refusing to recognize the tribal sovereign nations within her own state on issues of Alaska native children and language. Her Neptune connected with Alaska’s chart indicates her ability to paint a picture for the larger world that doesn’t fit reality. This can be handy as she encourages further exploration for oil, but can also show an attempt to erase the face of a people.

This does not bode well for her diplomatic ability in dealing with other nations who also may be inconvenient for her larger vision.

But Alaska is going through profound identity changes because of transiting Pluto on its Ascendant (which natally has Saturn there). Heightened visibility may change the lower 48’s awareness of its lack of state tax. The rest of the nation may start to question Alaska’s infrastructure benefits from federal taxes because of the promise of oil. As Pluto makes its slow journey towards Alaska’s Sun, this could be the beginning of greater visibility for the nation’s last great wilderness.