Tuesday 9/15 The Leo Moon might set the stage for fun, games and glamor, but the Saturn/Uranus opposition is exact today and may indicate more upsets with the status quo against change. Remain flexible and realize this is a time when outworn practices are giving way to new thinking.

By the same token, radical movements are being held in check by developing structures. You may see this happening in the world around you and somehow it is also happening in your own life. How acutely is reflected in the position of these planets now compared to your natal horoscope.

If you’ve been feeling as though you’re on a vessel in a rough sea, the odds are you are feeling this transit very personally. Today may jack it up a bit higher.

A Venus/Neptune picture increases the desire to escape into a world of beauty or fantasy. Certainly watch a film you can get caught up in, or go to a museum or window shop. Whether you actually buy depends on your bank account.

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