I’ve been swept through many thoughts since listening to Senators Clinton & Obama’s speeches June 3. As an astrologer, I am acutely aware of the Neptune transit our nation is undergoing. It is flowing towards our moon sign in Aquarius, which represents the mood of the people. It is increasing our desire for spirituality, escapism and a sense of being connected. Neptune can indicate confusion and a sense of being victimized, or a belief the savior is on the horizon. The president we elect in November will be the person who leads the nation when slow-moving Neptune is directly on the US moon in 2010. We will feel either victimized or elevated to a higher plane through the leadership of this person.

One striking recent example of the mutual reception of Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces was the webcast of the Eckhart Tolle/ Oprah conversation about his book: A New Earth. Neptune (how we’re all connected in the cosmic soup) in the sign of the networker, brought Aquarian Oprah to new heights of cyber-visibility. With Uranus (electronics, television, new technology) in Pisces, she delivered ancient metaphysical truths through Skype, chat rooms and webinars. There’s a date floating around that would make Tolle an Aquarius as well. Two Aquarians had no problem espousing the virtues of detachment and living in the present. Oprah’s webcasts

But I’m bringing up Tolle because of a quote from A New Earth“The foundation of American economic prosperity rested on the labor of four to five million black slaves. In fact, the suffering inflicted on Native and Black Americans has not remained confined to those two races, but has become part of the collective American pain-body. It is always the case that both victim and perpetrator suffer the consequences of any acts of violence, oppression, or brutality. For what you do to others, you do to yourself.”

The concept of Tolle’s pain-body, if you’re unfamiliar with it, can be considered an amalgam of karma (we repeat lessons until we finally get it) and psychological complexes (that which we suppress, bites us and everyone around us). We carry an individual and collective pain-body. With the mutual reception of Neptune and Uranus (collective and individual) it bodes well for healing this part of America’s pain-body.

It is seductive to look at the astrology for Election Day and the Inauguration and be concerned (see sidebar about 7 Astrologers POV). I will write more about that later. But I think what’s important as we watch Obama (because everytime he’s out in public, he’s taking an act of faith) is to believe we live in an America where a man or a woman of any faith or color could become president.

Because that’s what gave birth to the USA horoscope, with its Cancer Sun (loving the landscape, apple pie and tendency to keep to itself). Our moon in Aquarius is our love of freedom, Everyman’s freedom. Hillary Clinton’s graceless allusion (Mercury in Scorpio) to the loss of RFK was probably an awareness of her own vulnerability as well as Obama’s. We are in a period of profound change and as a result, all our fears are coming out.

Whether or not America is poised to heal its pain-body with women is another story. It certainly is a good sign that Obama has obvious respect for his wife and an equal relationship. And the affectionate bump of success showed the world a spontaneity not often seen with poised politicians… a very playful gesture… (maybe the new time for Obama is right and he is Aquarius rising)!

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