4/23/2010 The morning can be a bit rocky with attitude and misunderstandings. Once the moon goes Void of Course at 11:35 am ET, it would be wonderful if your work allows you time to settle into some creative play.

If that’s not possible, try to focus on organizational tasks. At 2:24 pm the moon enters Virgo. Don’t be surprised if your best efforts of the past couple of days seem to suddenly get surpassed at the last minute. The odds are, you’ll want to enjoy yourself in the evening.

Even though Virgo is known as the maiden and busy bee of the zodiac, there’s also a lusty and earthy side to this sign… after all, it is Friday night and some major romantic play could be part of the fun. Let your hair down or gel it out and enjoy yourself.

If you’re not in the “mood for love”, you might stumble on some stimulating conversation instead… on a topic that makes your mind bounce with ideas.

Rowe Path ©Cucinell 2010