Morning may bring an immediacy and sense of conviction to even mundane tasks. The Full Moon is at 26°Scorpio 13” at 7:09 am ET.

The Sabian symbol is “”a military band on the march”. I have mixed feelings about this image. One is the precision and rallying energy of a military band. It can be rousing, but it can also stimulate the troops to battle. I remember reading about drummer boys in the Civil War… too young to really serve, they beat the drums to rally the militia.

On one hand, this can bring single-minded focus like a walking meditation. On the other hand, it can herald blind drive. Whatever your path, be sure to use your judgment as you walk it.

The early morning can find some people at odds with their ambitions and their needs. This is a passing mood, so if you give it time you can find a different perspective by the afternoon.

Once the moon enters Sagittarius, the battle may be the spirit at odds with inspiration. Nonetheless, much can be accomplished today and luck occurs when you least expect it.

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