This is from my newsletter; I’m reprinting it for the blogosphere.

I awoke this morning with a powerful dream that has propelled me into writing a new project. I am well aware that Pluto goes into direct motion today. You too may feel a surge of energy.

This may come from within, or you may be swept along in a direction not of your making. Regardless, “resistance is futile”.
This is not to say “give up”, but it is to say “release”.

If there are things in your life you hold on to because of fear, hesitation, procrastination, pride or hubris, now is the time to release. This won’t necessarily be easy, but to do so sooner than later will ease the process. Here in the U.S., the battle in Congress to fix health care is a perfect example. Holding on to the status quo is going to lead to inevitable dismantling.

It takes courage and vision to strip away the pieces of your life that are hampering your ability to fly. If you have a “Congess” of people in your life, who squabble and fear and keep you stuck, one of you may start an earthquake of no return.

My intention is not to frighten, but remember our Earth has evolved into a beautiful place through shifting platelets and cleaving land masses. Although we don’t want the actual Earth to move and leave us without foundation, we can follow her example. Every step you take towards change and growth allows more graceful shifts within you rather than devastating upheavals.

You might want to see what needs to go in your life this fall, so you can make room for the new. And if you need a guide through the transition, that’s what I’m here to do!

Hug someone you love today (including yourself!)