We finally pass out of the “shadow of Mercury retrograde” today, so if something has been held-up, you may notice a break relatively soon.

This is an excellent day to reconnect with anything that has been hanging in abeyance. Even if you encounter an impasse, you can move through it, especially if you note how you might get in your own way.

Flying High ©Cucinell 2011

Overall, endeavors launched today have a charmed quality, especially creative enterprises, activities with or for children or anything that has an element of chance. Don’t gamble in a crazy way, because luck doesn’t necessarily come to you in the way you think.

The risk may also be in a matter of the heart. Anyone of a certain age knows that love may be blissful, but how it plays over time has more to do commitment than with simple luck. So whatever you choose to do today, enjoy with both eyes open!

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