beautiful-fullForecast 9/18 The Pisces Moon supports compassionate and charitable works, as well as artistic ventures.

A Venus/Saturn/Pluto picture suggests an engine fueled with love, which of course is the most powerful force we know. When you operate in this manner without question, resolution presents itself. You may feel like you’re buffeted by a tsunami inside of you IF you don’t feel supported by this alignment. This may occur if you are forced to deal with someone who it is truly hard to “love”.

Don’t worry about the “how”; just be sure of the “what” and “why” you want it. If the motivation is a loving heart, the means will appear.

Spend time with the beloved, whether one or many. If you find yourself in a solitary place, remember all love in your life begins with you. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

Oh! and if you haven’t seen it already, have some fun and check out the Love Now movement video