Forecast 8/27 Similar feeling to yesterday although without the underlying imperative thrust.

At the end of the day some frustration may occur if you’ve been letting one need “win” over the other. Life is so much about balance, and it’s important to distinguish between two drives within you.

Like the old Stones song: “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need”… makes for great lyrics but ideally you want to balance both. This may be a temporary situation for you, but for some of us, what we want and what we need pull us to different goals.

This occurs when someone has a Moon/Venus disparity. It sets up a lifelong conflict between needs and wants…. What to do?

Well on a day like today, you can confront it, weigh it…. because for resolution, both sides must be appeased.

Not easy, perhaps not possible at the same point in time… but like any compromise, there is a solution. It’s never absolute however. What gets resolved today will not necessarily work tomorrow. It must be looked at now and again to make sure all sides are being heard. So stop, look and listen.

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