Living life as a symbolist means looking at everything as an indication of something else. But sometimes, it’s so obvious it is laughable (humor is essential in these times).

With Pluto now in Capricorn, I’ve written about accountability and the importance of solid structures. Astrologers are also aware that Pluto is in the sign of the U.S. birth chart, for the first time in over 240 years.

So when I looked at the NY Times this morning and saw the title on the cover of the New U.S. Budget, it could have been written by an astrologer: “A New Era of Responsibility – Renewing America’s Promise”

If you’re interested in my 2008 thoughts on Pluto in Cap, you’ll find them here.

And in lieu of this promise of a financial makeover, I bring your attention to Monica’s excellent observance on Ariana Huffington at AstrologyMundo.