The moon is VOC* from 12:01 am to 2:17 am ET, then it enters Scorpio.

Light conversation may not stick today; people are looking to talk about more than the weather. They may start with the weather, but quickly move to climate change, the ravaged Gulf, then the state of the economy, a family experience or is there life after death? You might prefer to read a Stephan King novel or part of the Twilight series.

Gulf Passage ©Cucinell 2010

You may find yourself deeply absorbed with a task or a person. There may be some differences of opinion in the later part of the day, but overall this is a terrific day for beginning or reaching toward any project that has an end goal of changing a present situation.

*Void of Course: the moon will make no other geometric connection to any planet before it moves into the next sign. More about VOC.