IMG_0144Forecast 8/17 You may awaken with the best of intentions, then watch as your plans hit snares as the weekend goes on. Plan well and be flexible.

Adaptability is key and every situation is temporary, no matter how it may feel at the time. The Capricorn Moon makes geometric pictures with the minefield of planets now in cardinal signs in the sky, which admittedly creates a bumpy road at best.

Someone wants to control things in the early afternoon and too many choices in early evening can create temporary chaos. An unexpected turn or sudden temper flare can upset but if you grab the reigns, it needn’t dictate the entire evening.

Avoid beginning anything of importance at this time; do work already in progress, chores, garden or enjoy some down time. Contemplation in nature cures a variety of grievances. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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