IMG_1515Forecast 5/1 Although it may be tempting to plow through some communications in the early morning, it really is best to listen and digest more than you force a point.

Try not to crowd in too many appointments or make the commute too tight. The moon is void-of-course* from 10:07 a.m. through 10:20 a.m.- just a blink!

Once the moon enters Aquarius, invitations for networking and electronic distractions abound. This is, after all, May Day, which begs for some celebration of Spring.

However, work demands and responsibilities may not leave too much time for play. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, carving out some time for you to appreciate the present has real value in your overall ability to meet your obligations.

The odds are however, that it will be a slender slice of your time, but even that allows you to juggle what you must do with more grace. This may be a powerhouse time for people with strong earth and water in their horoscope; awareness helps you navigate the course instead of feeling swept by the currents.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Capricorn, organizing and filing is like a well-oiled clock. You might also like to garden or finish up any loose ends from work.

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