As of February 10, 2013 ET, we enter the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake. At the same time, the planet Saturn is in the sign of Scoprio, a water sign. I have been thinking a lot about snakes (creatures we don’t see in the wild this time of year in the NE) because my colleague Suzy Meszoly and I have been launching a program designed around turbo-charging your spiritual center to align with your physical life. As we follow this path we discover the wisdom from observing Snake as a totem teacher.

The snakes’ process of shedding skin is a beautiful analogy to losing the confines of Ego that limit our ability to resonate with soul expression. Saturn is the planet that the ancient’s saw as the boundary of our Solar System. So it represents anything that limits us: responsibility, discipline, 4 walls, routine and fear. Structurally within our body it is represented by the skeletal system, teeth and skin. When you are experiencing physical ailments in these areas of the body, the odds are good you’re undergoing a lesson from Saturn.

To better understand what can happen during the shedding process, here are some thoughts on Snake’s needs.

When it’s time to shed, a snake’s eyes turn cloudy– this may be emphasized because Neptune is in Pisces (another water sign). Neptune symbolizes the big cosmic soup that connects us all. It is the higher octave of Venus, so it resonates with Universal Love. Neptune is the longing for spiritual connection, which when expressed in a healthy way stimulates creativity, intuition and deep peace. In a negative manifestation, it can promote a sense of victimization or the desire to escape. If your eyes are cloudy and a sense of confusion or lack of bearings overwhelms you, meditation and centering techniques can help.

The good news is that just prior to shedding, the eyes will clear up again. This is the reminder that like every transit, a situation is temporary. Many times in a session, my client wants to know when a period will pass. Astrology is excellent at timing when certain things begin and when they will end. Not surprisingly, this is especially true when Saturn is involved.

Your snake’s skin becomes dull or fades in appearance. It may be time to paint a facade, consider a makeover or some new looks in clothing; you’ll know when the time is right. Physically you may need to moisturize more or you may experience some skin “issues”. This occurs when something is coming out from under the surface.

Make sure you drink plenty of filtered water; if you drink a cup of coffee or tea it is dehydrating, so you need 2 cups of water to compensate.

A snake may hide and lose interest in food. For some of us this period requires an inner journey. You may decide to limit or end certain relationships or withdraw for awhile. It can be an excellent time to detox and/or focus on an exercise routine. Weight loss is possible so if you’re thin to begin with, be sure to eat foods that sustain you. Graze instead of eating big meals.

A snake may become more skittish or defensive – remember it can’t see well. If you feel affected by this Snake year personally, it is important to pay attention to how and when you react to things (or how others are reacting to you and situations). Step back to a point of safety to help you assess what’s going on from a less threatening position. There are times when the calculation of a Snake is dead-on accurate, but not during the shedding process. You may need to avoid aggressive situations and request gentle hugs.

When a snake is ready to shed, rough surfaces help rub the skin off. Treat yourself to massage, take a bath with a loofa, walk barefoot in sand.

Snake years can be highly profitable and productive for the flexible and calculating; the shedding process ultimately can free you into a time of fresh thoughts and opportunity, if you go through it with grace.

If you’re interested in Suzy and my program, Stoke the Fire to aid the process, we are accepting participants through 2/10/13. 

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